Belt Bags we are loving this season

How awesome is it to have a functional but also very stylish bag. The belt bag made a big comeback in 2019 and we are absolutely loving the different styles of this bag that are out there. Forget the old tourist style belt bag; now you can find really cool and chic styles of this bag. This bag is ideal for going out to party with friends, concerts, vacation because it enables you to carry all your essentials in a safe and comfortable way. No need to keep looking over your shoulder just in case someone might snatch your purse in a large crowd at a concert. 

Lets not forget to mention how they hold the waist really nice and are great to style over a blazer or Kimono.

Stop by our online store here and get yourself one of these gorgeous bags

The Printed Belt bag

The Cross-body / Belt bag

(This one doubles as a belt bag but also as a crossbody bag)


Do let us know if this is a trend you would like to try and if you love the looks we are glad to ship to you your bag of choice from our store.

Love & Blessings