2019 most coveted bag: The Bracelet Bag

The bracelet bag has been undoubtedly the bag for 2019. I remember first seeing it held by Celine Dion and I instantly fell in love with it. As luck would have it, my sister decided to gift me one! I was overjoyed because not only is it so it also has a lot of room for essentials. The design allows for my phone, a wallet, tissues, a small cosmetic bag, and more. It is a very elegant design; not too small, not too large, just right!

Soon everyone was asking me where I got the really nice bag and that’s when we got the idea to add this bag to our collection. I have carried this bag everywhere, from ordinary weekends, to parties, to evenings out and even to weddings.


You have probably seen these on your Instagram feed but mainly by the luxury brands such as Chloe, fear not! We got you. If you are looking to add this really cool and classy bag to your collection, you can get one here really affordably and you might also gift someone because the bracelet bag will definitely be a blessing for your mum, sister, friend, and girlfriend just as it has been for me.