Chic ways to style a vest blazer

Chic ways to style a

In need of a wardrobe item that will instantly transform any look into classy and chic, look no further than the vest blazer. I personally cannot over emphasize how having a few of these pieces in my wardrobe has really given me great flexibility in styling because they can be paired with almost all outfits. It’s great to have these in black, white, brown and also some bold like red.  Sleeveless blazers any look for you right from professional, to chic, to evening and casual looks.

Here are few looks we put together

Chic Look: the white paired with matching wide leg pants

Casual Look: the black is perfect for a good pair of jeans



The offers you a chance to wear the same in , look at it as an accessory in your wardrobe, it turns a boring outfit into a classy and sassy look.

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