Fashion Forward with the Straw/Rattan Bag


A straw bag is a fun accessory to have in your wardrobe, it’s very unique because unlike most bags it’s not made of leather, it is made from Ata leaves which are very similar to palm tree leaves. They are woven together to come up with this beautiful rattan bag. It’s brown gives it the aesthetic to blend with most clothing

The rattan bag is good for all rustic vibes lovers, perfect for both vacations and stay-cations. It was my best travel accessory recently when I was on vacation. It was so handy for both night and day activities and the best part was how well it complimented all my looks. When you think picnic, brunch, festival, blankets & wine or simple chill weekend; this is the bag for you!


Are you ready to adventure with the straw bag? We have two types, round and square. If you are looking to carry more stuff The Square one is ideal and if you are just travelling light with just a few items, then the round one is ideal.